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ACS was founded in 2009 by an out-of-state college freshman who realized there was no good way to manage his dorm room items while away for summer break. Since then, ACS has grown to serve 31 colleges and 10 boarding schools nationwide as their #1 provider of moving, storing, and shipping services. In June of 2017 ACS joined Dorm Room Movers, the industry-leading college storage provider. ACS is now able leverage more resources to bring customer experience to new heights.

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We make life easy for our customers by using text messages to communicate information about pickups and deliveries. Have a question? Just text us!

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Student Managers

Our Campus Managers gain real-time job experience running their own business and develop important transferrable skills that allow them to excel as they enter the workforce post graduation.

Looking for a simple solution to your college, university, or boarding school’s summer storage problem? We’re here to help.
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Parents & Students
Whether you’re at college or boarding school, ACS is the easiest way to move out in the summer. Just ask any of our loyal customers.
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