How does your service work?

1) You create an account on our website and pay the initial $30 fee. 2) You pick up your free boxes on campus. 3) Within 24 hours of pick up, we will text you to let you know you when we will be picking up items in your area. 4) On pick-up day, we will come by your dorm, pick up your belongings, and store the items. 5) In August, you select your delivery date. 6) Within 24 hours of pick up, we will email and/or text you to let you know when we will be dropping off items in your area. 7) On delivery day, we will show up at the specified time with all of your belongings.

How does Shipping work?

We offer simple fixed-rate pricing for domestic shipment using our free ACS boxes. We can handle almost any shipment, including overweight and international. Prices for standard items are listed below, otherwise please contact us for a quote.

When can I select my pick up and delivery day?

On our website, we will post a list of days when we will be on your campus for pick-ups and deliveries. Select a day through your account, and we’ll see you then.

How do I get a receipt?

After you are billed, you will be sent an invoice through our website. You may also print a receipt any time by logging into your account and clicking on the Orders tab.

Can I access my belongings during the summer?

Depending on your school, we may be able to provide summer access. Please contact us to check availability of this service. Additional fees may apply.

Do futons and beds have to be taken apart?

We ask that all items that need prior disassembling be prepared before we get to your dorm. Most importantly, please break down all bed frames.

If I miss my pick up or delivery date, what should I do?

Don’t panic! Contact us through our website and we will find a new time to pick up or deliver your items. There will be a fee as seen in our Terms and Conditions of Use.

How do I know what time you are coming by on pick-up or delivery day?

The day before your scheduled pick up or delivery, we will email and/or text you when we will be coming to your dorm area. If you have a problem with the time that we select, we will figure out a new time at your convenience. On your selected pick up day, we will text you when we are approximately 30 minutes away to allow you to return to your dorm.

Can I purchase additional insurance on my items?

Yes. Each item is automatically insured for $100. If you want to purchase additional insurance, you may do so. For $5, you will receive an additional $100 of coverage, up to $20 for a total of $500 of coverage. For complete insurance information please read our Terms and Conditions.

How do you price items that aren’t listed on your Prices page?

Contact us, and we’ll give you an estimate. We usually compare the size of the item with the prices of our boxes. For example, an extra-large trunk will cost the same as an extra large box.

Do I need to tape my boxes before you take them?

Yes. We kindly ask that you have your boxes taped and ready to go on pick-up day. Please do not simply fold in the box corners. Improperly packed items may necessitate a repacking fee.

Where do I print out my labels?

After you register and pay your deposit, you can download your labels from your account on our website. Please, attach a label to each item before we come to your door.

How should I pack my things?

Please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions of Use page. All boxes must be securely packaged and labeled properly to secure for safe storage.

How can I get my free boxes and packing materials?

After you pay your deposit, we will contact you to let you know where you can pick up your free boxes. You make take as many boxes as you think you may need. If you do not use each box that you take, we do ask that you return them to us. If you fail to do so, you will be charged as per our Terms and Conditions.

When do I get billed?

There is an immediate $30 charge to confirm your pick up. Once paid you will have access to free boxes and tape. The final charge will come after your items have been picked up and transferred to our storage facilities at the end of the school year.

Is there anything that you will not store?

We kindly suggest that you do not store any jewelry, cash, or other precious valuables. It is also illegal to store any contraband or illegal substances. A complete list is available on our website’s Terms and Conditions of Use page.

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees may be applied for missed deliveries, late registration, improperly packed items, and summer access. A complete list of additional fees is located on our website’s Terms and Conditions of Use page.

Need Help?
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